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The Culture Trip • 8 Eco-Friendly Eats And Drinks In Paris • 12 May 2016

The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip • Local favorite 2016

8 Eco-Friendly Eats And Drinks In Paris

Have a fairtrade tea break at Péniche Antipode

At Péniche Antipode, your pint of blonde is made in Normandy according to a thousand-year-old Viking brewing process, your cola from Brittany uses fairtrade sugar that helps Paraguayan farmers, and the large tea selection supports human-scale agriculture. Overall, this unique café is rooted in a clever mix of local supply, community support and north-south cooperation that benefits farmers, producers and consumers with no extra cost. If that weren’t enough, the lovely barge on the Bassin de la Villette hosts many concerts, plays and shows – sometimes for children – and is also a partner of La Louve, a cooperative supermarket based in the nearby 18th arrondissement.

Péniche Antipode

By Marjolaine Cantus • 12 May 2016

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